Defence of Arsalan Reihanzadeh’s doctoral dissertation

Knjige in jasminov cvet

Kindly invited to the public defence of Arsalan Reihanzadeh‘s doctoral dissertation on Thursday, 18 July 2024 at 11:00 on the PhD programme 3rd cycle Comparative Study of Ideas and Cultures, module Transformations of Modern Thought – Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Culture, with the title:


One Unites into Two: from an Onto-theological Statement to a Political Implication.


Summary of the PhD.


Mentor: Prof. Alenka Zupančič, Ph.D.

Committee: Asst. Prof. Aleš Bunta, Ph.D., Prof. Mladen Dolar, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. Tadej Troha, Ph.D.


The defence will take place in the Hall of the Four Seasons, ZRC SAZU, Novi trg 4, 2nd floor, Ljubljana.




Photo by Aliis Sinisalu on Unsplash