Biodiversity, ecology and evolution (2nd Cycle)

Module Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Matjaž Gregorič, PhD Research Fellow at Jovan Hadži Institute of Biology ZRC SAZU and lecturer at 2nd and 3rd level study programmes at Postgraduate School ZRC SAZU.

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In module Biodiversity, ecology and evolution students will gain advanced knowledge of patterns and processes in biodiversity, ecology and evolution. The module covers topics ranging from the biology of organisms to biogeographical patterns, in both theoretical and applied research. By choosing their own subjects, they will acquire scientific literacy, scientific specialisation and qualifications, and professional practice.

On completion of the study, students will have advanced knowledge of scientific methods and will have developed the ability for critical thinking based on acquired knowledge. The module covers the subjects of biodiversity, evolutionary biology, microbiology, ecology, speleobiology, nature conservation and behavioural biology.


Modul objectives:

  • General knowledge of the whole system of biological sciences.
  • Knowledge of basic scientific concepts and methods in biodiversity, ecology and evolution.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of biodiversity, ecology and evolution.
  • General and specific knowledge in the fields of biodiversity, ecology and evolution.
  • Practical experience in scientific work (from study design to laboratory, computational, and field exercises, research or project work, and presentation of results).
  • Ability to integrate acquired knowledge vertically and horizontally.
  • Ability to integrate knowledge from the other fields in an interdisciplinary manner.
  • Ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practice (applied subjects); e.g. in the context of nature conservation.
  • Independent and critical thinking about methods, findings and interpretations of scientific work.
  • Independent comprehension of scientific content, meaningful knowledge integration and articulate presentation for other users (e.g. seminar, professional article, research paper).

The lecturers of the Biodiversity, ecology and evolution module are the researchers mainly employed at the Institute of Biology at ZRC SAZU. The main topic of their research is biodiversity, in the broadest sense of the word.

They study patterns of biodiversity and the processes that change this diversity. Knowledge of patterns and processes allow making predictions about changes in biodiversity in response to environmental changes. The knowledge gained is the basis for research in conservation biology, through which they contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in Slovenia and worldwide. Their research is partly funded by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) and partly by various national and international basic and applied projects. The lecturers have a broad international network in research and mentoring. They have teaching experience at Slovenian universities and abroad, they supervised numerous students at all levels, from undergraduate to PhD. Their students will be familiarised with current methodology and latest findings.

Mandatory courses of the module

Fundamentals of ecology

Prof. Tanja Pipan, Ph. D. ,


Habitats and nature conservation

Assoc. Prof. Urban Šilc, Ph. D. ,


Module elective courses with the course principals

The basics of biological processes

Asst. Prof. Matjaž Gregorič, Ph. D. ,


Biology of subterranean habitats

Prof. Tanja Pipan, Ph. D. ,


Environmental microbiology

Assoc. Prof. Janez Mulec, Ph. D. ,


Selected topics from behavioural biology

Prof. Simona Kralj-Fišer, Ph. D. ,