PS ZRC SAZU is a high quality institution focused on research and education in the fields of humanities and social sciences. As a competitive higher education institution, it is recognised at home and abroad. We expect from our teachers that their outcomes display broad international reputation. The strategies to achieve our goals are:


  • PS ZRC SAZU aims to fulfil all the criteria necessary to be included in international European network of top research and educational institutions, such as, for example, LERA;
  • The school offers wisely selected and meticulously defined spectrum of knowledge in the fields of humanities and social sciences;
  • The school supports innovative research areas;
  • The school encourages international cooperation in individual areas of expertise;
  • The school encourages interdiciplinarity through cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions with focus on research and higher education;
  • The school demonstrates excellence in research and teaching.


The realization of strategic goals requires high quality research, education and management. The internal organization of PS ZRC SAZU significantly contributes towards the achievement of our strategic goals.