Prof. Andraž Čarni, Ph. D.

Research Adviser at Jovan Hadži Institute of Biology ZRC SAZU, foreign member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, lecturer at 2nd and 3rd cycle study programmed at Postgraduate School ZRC SAZU.

+386 1 4706 311


  • BSc in biology [Biotechnical faculty of the University of Ljubljana, 1987]
  • MSC in biology [Biotechnical faculty of the University of Ljubljana, 1991]
  • PhD in biology [Biotechnical faculty of the University of Ljubljana, 1994]


Research interest

His research focus in vegetation. He is interested in various aspect of vegetation elaboration: vegetation survey, (macro) ecology, biogeography, succession and mapping. At the beginning of his career, he was interested mainly in vegetation of Slovenia, but later he extended his interest to vegetation of southeastern Europe. During last years, he is interested in compilation of European vegetation and red lists of vegetation. He is active also in Nomenclatural commission; he is coauthor of the International code of phytosociological nomenclature.

Main visiting appointment

Station International de Phytosociologie (Bailleul, France), Institute für Physiologie der Univerität Wien (Vienna, Austria), Šumarski fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu (Zagreb, Croatia), Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet, St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje (Skopje, North Macedonia)

Main project:

  • Researcher on the research program “Biodiversity: patterns, processes, predictions and conservation”, financed by ARRS (1992-2023).

Selected publication:

  • Mucina, L., Bültmann, H., Dierßen, K., Theurillat, J. P., Raus, T., Čarni, A., … & Tichý, L. (2016). Vegetation of Europe: hierarchical floristic classification system of vascular plant, bryophyte, lichen, and algal communities. Applied Vegetation Science, 19, 3-264.
  • Chytrý, M., Tichý, L., Hennekens, S. M., Knollová, I., Janssen, J. A., Rodwell, J. S., … & Schaminée, J. H. (2020). EUNIS Habitat Classification: Expert system, characteristic species combinations and distribution maps of European habitats. Applied Vegetation Science, 23(4), 648-675.
  • Theurillat, J.P.; Willner, W.; Fernández-González, F.; Bültmann, H.; Čarni, A.; Gigante, D.; Mucina, L.; Weber, H.E. International Code of Phytosociological Nomenclature. 4th edition. App Veg Sci 2021, 24, (in press),
  • Janssen, J.A.M.; Rodwell, J.S.; García Criado, M.; Gubbay, S.; Haynes, T.; Nieto, A.; Sanders, N.; Landucci, F.; Loidi, J.; Symank, A.; et al. European Red List of Habitats. Part 2. Terrestrial and freshwater habitats. European Union: Luxembourg, LU, 2016;