Asst. Prof. Nataša Gregorič Bon, Ph.D.

Research Fellow, Institute of Anthropological and Spatial Studies, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Office: ZRC SAZU, Novi trg 2/II, No. 303
Tel.: 01 4706 535
Office hours: Wednesday 13 – 15


B.A. Cultural Studies (University of Ljubljana, 2002)

M.A. Social Anthropology (Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities, 2004)

Ph.D. Anthropology (University of Nova Gorica, 2008)



  • Papua New Guinea, Itokama, Oro, Northern Province, 3 months (1998);
  • Papua New Guinea, Bwaidoga village, Goodenough Island, 3 months (2002);
  • Albania, central and southern Albania, 1 month (2004);
  • Albania, Dhermi/Drimades and Palasa village, Himara area, 12 months (2004-2005), 1 month (2008);
  • Albania, Himara area, Vlora, Tirana, 1 month (2009), 1 month (2010), 1 month (2011), 1 month (2012), 1,5 months (2015);
  • Albania, Tirana, Vlora, Vjosa riverbed villages, 2 months (2016), 1 month (2017).


Research interests:

  • Spatial anthropology;
  • Border dynamics;
  • Europeanisation;
  • Migrations; 
  • Movements/nonmovements, mobility/immobility;
  • Anthropology of future; 
  • Anthropology of infrastructure;
  • Land and water routes;
  • Water and waterscapes. 

  • Departmental Visitor, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University in Canberra (2002); 
  • Affiliated Researcher at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London (2009);
  • Guest lecturer at the seminar Migration in Europe: New Dimensions, Interdisciplinary Approaches, Plural Perspectives and visiting scholar at the University of Stavanger (2010);
  • Research Fellow, Centre of South East European Studies, University of Graz (2014). 

  • Book Review Editor, Anthropological Notebooks, the journal of Slovenian Anthropological Society;
  • Co-editor of the book series Place, Space, Time, ZRC Publishing House. 

Gregorič Bon, N. 2017. Movement matters: The case of southern Albania. In: de Rapper, G. (ed.). Albanie: Renaissance d´unediscipline, EthnologieFrançaise, 47 (2): 301-308.

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Gregorič Bon, N. 2014. Secular journeys, sacred places: pilgrimage and home-making in the Himarë/Himara of Southern Albania area. In: Eade, Jo and Mario Katić (eds.). Pilgrimage, Politics and Place-Making in Eastern Europe: Crossing the Borders. Surrey: Ashgate, pp. 135–149. 

–––––. 2010. Migrant routes and local roots: negotiating property in Dhërmi/Drimades of Southern Albania. In: Bönisch-Brednich, B. and C. Trundle (eds.). Local lives: Migration and the politics of place, (Studies in migration and diaspora). Surrey: Ashgate, pp. 17–30.

–––––. 2008a. Places of Discordance. Ethnography of Space and Place in the village Dhërmi/Drimades, Southern Albania (in Slovenian). Ljubljana: ZRC Publishing House.

–––––. 2008b. Storytelling as a spatial practice in Dhërmi/Drimades of southern Albania. Anthropological Notebooks 14(2): 7–29.

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