Prof. Borut Telban, Ph.D.

Coordinator of Anthropology Module. Research Adviser, Institute of Anthropological and Spatial Studies, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Office: ZRC SAZU, Novi trg 2/II, No. 301
Tel.: 01 4706 492
Office hours: Wednesday 10 – 12


B.Sc. Pharmacy (University of Ljubljana, 1983)

M.Sc. Biology (University of Zagreb, 1989)

Ph.D. Social Anthropology (The Australian National University, 1994)



  • Papua New Guinea, Hagahai and Melpa people, 18 months (1986–1987);
  • Vanuatu, Epi Island, 3 weeks (1990);
  • Papua New Guinea, Ambonwari village, East Sepik Province, 18 months (1990-1992), 2 months (1997), 2 months (2001);
  • Russia, north-eastern Siberia, Yakutia, 1 month (2003);
  • Papua New Guinea, Ambonwari village, East Sepik Province: 1 month (2005), 2 months (2007–2008), 1.5 months (2008), 10 months (2010–2011), 3 months (2017). 


Research interests:

  • Melanesian life worlds;
  • Cosmologies and religions;
  • Social organization and kinship;
  • Cultural construction of space and time;
  • Ritual and other practices surrounding birth, growth and death;
  • Language, poetics and society;
  • Relationship between visual and auditory perception and expression;
  • Decolonization of practices and thoughts in small-scale non-European societies;
  • Comparative ethnographic studies (Melanesia, Amazonia, Aboriginal Australia);
  • History of anthropological thought and theoretical approaches;
  • Phenomenology, existentialism, American pragmatism.

  • Research Student, Biology Department, University of Papua New Guinea (1986–1987);
  • Leach/RAI Fellow, University of Manchester (1995–1996);
  • Visiting Professor, Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna (2003);
  • Fulbright Scholar, University of California, San Diego (2006–2007);
  • Research Scholar, The Cairns Institute, School of Arts and Social Sciences, James Cook University (2010–2011, 2012);
  • Visiting Professor, École de Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), CREDO, Université Aix Marseille (2014);
  • The Royal Society of Edinburgh Visiting Research Fellow, University of St. Andrews (2014–2015). 
  • Visiting Fellow, College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University (many times, the last affiliation 2016-17);
  • Visiting Professor, École de Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) and Université Aix Marseille, CREDO (2017).

  • Editor-in-chief, Anthropological Notebooks, the journal of Slovenian Anthropological Society;
  • Member of the Board of the European Society for Oceanists;
  • Member of Editorial Board of a book series Thought, Society, Culture: Slovenian and South Eastern European Perspectives. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang;
  • Member of Editorial Board of a book series Studies of the European Society for Oceanists. Oxford: Berghahn Books;
  • Member of Advisory Board: Ethnos, The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society, Mitteilungen der Anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien. 

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  • Telban, B. 1997. Being and ‘non-being’ in Ambonwari (Papua New Guinea) ritual. Oceania 67(4): 308–325.


Anthropology of Consciousness and Practices of Awareness ǀ

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Public anthropology, social engagement and activism ǀ

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