Cycling to Vukovar, walking to Srebrenica. Embodied post-war commemorative practices

Kindly invited to a public lecture by dr. Ana Ljubojević:


Cycling to Vukovar, walking to Srebrenica. Embodied post-war commemorative practices.


The aim of the lecture is to analyse cultural trauma related to the sites of memory of war. It approaches cultural trauma from the perspective of spatial mobility engagement and perceptions of people visiting war monuments and commemorative events. The presentation is based on an the results of the ethnographic studies of visits to memorial sites in forms of marches or cycling marathons, organised prior to the official commemorations or on a separate occasion. Marches, hikes and cycling marathons necessitate certain degree of labour and effort, therefore they are potent case studies for studying emotional investment, transmission and translation of memory. The researcher will present participant observation from following events: 1) Zagreb-Vukovar cycling marathon, 2) Tuzla-Srebrenica “Marš mira” (Peace march), 3) Perugia-Assisi “Marcia per la pace” (Peace march), and 4) Auschwitz-Birkenau March of the Living.


A lecture in English language will be on Monday, 27th of January 2020 at 4. p. m. at Mala Dvorana ZRC SAZU, Novi trg 4, 2nd floor, Ljubljana.


Ana Ljubojević is a Marie Curie fellow at the CSEES, University of Graz, Austria. Previously, she was a EURIAS postdoctoral fellow at the Polish Institute of Advanced Studies (PIAST) in Warsaw and a NEWFELPRO postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for the Study of Ethnicity, Citizenship and Migration (CEDIM), Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb, Croatia. She obtained her PhD in Political systems and institutional change at the Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy. She has conducted research on judicial and non-judicial mechanisms of transitional justice in Croatia and Serbia and has research interests in memory studies, cultural trauma and social production of memory.


Kindly invited!