Suspension of educational process

Suspension of educational process

Until Monday, March 30, 2020, and until further announcement, at the Postgraduate School ZRC SAZU, all forms of direct pedagogical work are suspended. Contacts between staff and students and external partners should be kept to a minimum. Direct educational work and teaching are replaced by distance learning and individual learning. The decision shall remain in force until revoked and shall be implemented immediately.


In line with the recommendations to prevent the spread of the infection, personal contacts are limited in all other activities and other forms of communication (e-mail, correspondence meetings, telephone communication) are recommended.

  • Secretary:; 01 470 64 52
  • Contact information of colleagues is available on the link:


The working group responsible for the workflow plan at the Postgraduate School ZRC SAZU consists of:

  • Professor Jelica Šumič Riha, Dean (;
  • Tiva Vlaj, secretary (01 470 64 52,;
  • Professor Marjetka Golež Kaučič (;
  • Professor Borut Telban (


Information about coronavirus COVID 19 is available at GOV.SI: